18 in long Premade wire harness

Hi-I am in the process of building the Maserati modified car for my grandson. On page 6 of the instructions, Step 4, it asks for the following:
Find the approx. 18 in long premade provided wire harness (central picture).
There was not one provided. Can anyone help me find out where I can purchase one? Thanks so much for your help and THANKS to all who made this possible!!


Hi Denise,
I could be wrong, but I don’t think they purchase these pre-made. I think they buy Jinayi connectors and crimp female spades on them before the build session. Perhaps someone who uses this approach could confirm and maybe even send you one, but actually, you might not even need one. Let me ask you a few questions, and then maybe I can make some suggestions for alternatives that you could consider.

  1. Have you decided what activation switch you are going to use? (Big Red, Jelly Bean, proximity, etc.)
  2. Have you decided where you are going to locate the activation switch? (On the steering wheel, gooseneck from behind or side, other?)
  3. Do you expect your grandson’s needs will change with time? For example, would he need a gooseneck now, but be able to reach the steering wheel later? Or a different size switch?
  4. Are you really good at soldering, or can you find someone to help who is?
    Let me know, OK?
    Best regards,
    – Doug
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