12 volt Dune Racer & Caster wheels

We’re adapting a 12 volt dune racer to use with a joystick, this adaptation will mean that we need to use caster wheels . Has anyone tried this?

Do you have a link to the car so we could see what it looks like?

Electronically we have added a potentiometer and saber tooth. We’ve developed a kill switch to be used when parents detect a problem. Now Katie is having difficultly
with steering & we’re thinking we need to go to a joy stick. Ideas?

Thanks for your interest and help.

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In what way is she struggling with steering, is it a problem with leverage or just how hard it is to turn the wheel? Also what appendages does she have the best control of? One way to do it may be to make a larger lever that she can use to get more leverage ( kind-of like a motorcycle

.I have cad models of the PVC lever used in the picture if you would like them. It would be preferable to avoid needing a joystick as it adds lots of complexity (arduinos, mounting a caster ect). Another way to do steering instead of a caster wheel is to attach a motor to front drive shaft that she can use to steer. How I saw it implemented was a foot pedal that when pressed one way would turn the motor and the wheels to the right and when pressed on the other side it would turn it to the left. This may turn out simpler and help conserve the stability of having 4 wheels

Yep … we’ve added caster wheels to bigger vehicles. It’s certainly doable. Will probably need to add increased grip to the rear wheels to allow for the increased traction required. You might also consider trying a Wild Thing instead :wink:

Hello Aiden. I am new to this board so I hope I am doing this the correct way. I am working with the robotics team from one of the school I work at to modify a car with a similar t-bar design. Would you still be willing to share the cad model of the PVC lever?

Her challenge was with strength so we ended up getting her into a wild thing with a joy stick adaptation.